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D5 Action Mission Statement

D5 Action seeks to develop and maintain an informed and active electorate in District 5 of San Francisco, and provide opportunities for community engagement around shared values.

D5 Action Statement of Purpose

We seek to practically engage the District 5 community to affect the political process and to advocate for shared values.


Specifically, D5 Action supports:

  • Policies leading to a sustainable urban economy
  • Policies leading to a sustainable urban environment
  • Policies assisting the creation of strong neighborhoods and community
  • Policies advancing healthy living and accessible health care
  • Policies advancing educational opportunities for all ages

D5Action Staff

Tes Welborn, Coordinator

Current Endorsements

Endorsements for November 2016

Proposition Vote
B - $20 increase to the parcel tax for City College YES
C - Affordable housing with no new taxes YES
D - Let's elect our elected officials! YES
E - Give responsibility for street trees back to the city YES
F - Vote 16! (Allow 16-year-olds to vote in local elections) YES
H - Create a Public Advocate to investigate complaints about city services and programs YES
I - Create a Dignity Fund YES
J - Set aside funding to address homelessness and transportation problems YES
K - Create a sales tax to fund Proposition J YES
L - Allow Supervisors to appoint 3 of 7 MTA board members (currently, the Mayor appoints all) YES
M - Create an oversight commission to make recommendations about proposed developments and affordable housing YES
N - Let non-citizen parents with children in public schools vote in School Board elections YES
P - Make it more difficult to build affordable housing by increasing red tape NO
Q - Another law to criminalize being homeless. We have enough laws, let's fund some services! NO
R - Mandatory reassignment of police officers NO
T - Limit gifts and campaign contributions from lobbyists YES
U - Make it harder for low-income households to find affordable housing NO
V - Tax soda distributors and improve public health YES
W - Increase real estate transfer tax on properties sold for more than $5 million YES

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A Few Accomplishments

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